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Look Younger For Longer...
With Artefill Dermafiller

  • Instantly removes facial lines and wrinkles!
  • Lasts up to 5 years after treatment!
  • Naturally replaces collagens in your skin...

Before Artefill                                  After Artefill

Before ArtefillAfter Artefill Actual Artefill patient courtesy of Louis M. DeJoseph, M.D., Atlanta, CA

Before ArtefillAfter Artefill Actual Artefill patient courtesy of David Pearson, M.D., Fleming Island, FL

Artefill is a new anti-aging product, which has been gaining momentum in Utah because of its unique ability to continue working for years longer than any similar treatment.

Now there is a way to instantly look younger, and with fewer treatments with Artefill.

Removes facial lines and wrinkles...

Artefill is a dermal filler administered by injection, and is an increasingly popular choice for individuals looking for an effective, long-term solution that will remove facial lines and wrinkles. Dr Moore is one of the first plastic surgeons in Utah to offer Artefill.

Artefill does what no temporary dermal filler can - it instantly corrects your facial wrinkles and maintains those effects for three to five years. The longest change any other filler on the market can provide is measured in months, not years.

Naturally replaces collagen...

Dermal filler injections are minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures that correct deep facial wrinkles by replacing the collagens our bodies lose to aging. These collagens are what cause skin to retain its elasticity.

As we age, it becomes more difficult for the skin to retain its youthful appearance. To correct this, a surgeon injects a small amount of replacement collagen filler into the skin beneath the wrinkles. The skin immediately regains its former elasticity and ability to smooth out lines and wrinkles, helping to create a more youthful appearance.

All dermal injections can help correct wrinkles, but the effects of most will only last three to six months. Our bodies naturally absorb and metabolize the collagen filler, so an individual would have to keep coming back to maintain the effects through repeated injections.

Artefill's effects last so much longer than temporary fillers because it's enhanced with special microspheres that won't absorb and disappear. After the collagen is gone, those microspheres remain in place to maintain Artefill's results for years after a single injection.


To find out more about Artefill, or to schedule an appointment, call Cosmetic Surgery Happiness at (801)685-2730. If the phone lines are busy, please leave a message.

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