Breast Reduction

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Do you feel that you're weighted down too much by your breasts? Do your bra straps bite into your shoulders? Do you get backaches? Perhaps you have skin irritation beneath your breasts? Some women with very large breasts suffer from breathing problems. Some chafe at the limitation it places on their physical activity.

Is breast reduction for me?

Breast reduction is a surgery tailored to you as an individual. Each one is different. If you want to breast-feed, better to wait until that's done before you have any breast reduction surgery. Otherwise, as long as your breasts have fully matured, you can consult a cosmetic surgeon and begin to plan your surgery.

At Cosmetic Surgery Happiness, we offer you a free consultation. We'll take time with you to discuss the procedure and listen to what you'd like to have done. We'll make sure you understand the possibilities and limitations, and we'll make our recommendations.

The procedure

Breast reduction is done with general anesthesia, which means you'll be totally asleep and will have no memory of the procedure. It takes around 2 to 4 hours, and sometimes a bit longer.

  • The incision will be anchor-shaped. That is, it circles the areola, runs downwards to the base of the breast, and then along the crease.
  • The tissue removed will usually be fat, skin, and excess glandular tissue, although sometimes just fat needs to be removed. In that case, liposuction will be done.
  • The nipple will be moved upwards to match the new size and shape of the breast.
  • Stitches will be placed around the areola and over the entire incision.
  • Your surgeon will use a bandage or surgical bra to cover the area, and gauze dressings beneath that.

Recovery period

For the first few days you may feel some pain, and we'll give you a pain prescription to help with that. Discomfort may continue for a week or more.

  • After a day or two we'll remove the bandages
  • You'll be wearing a surgical bra 24 hours a day until the swelling and bruising fades, which is usually several weeks
  • The stitches will be taken out after one to three weeks

You should take things easy for a month or so after your breast reduction. Don't lift heavy things. We'll give you some post-op instructions, and you can probably return to work after about 2 weeks, as long as your work isn't very strenuous.

Over the longer term

It could be 6 to 12 months before your breasts are established in their new shape. Even so, several things can affect them, such as weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and hormonal changes.

Scarring is an individual thing. Each of us is different in how long it takes for scars to fade and shrink. Eventually they'll become just thin white lines for some people, although for others, they may remain somewhat raised and/or red. You can wear a low neckline regardless, as these scars are low on the breasts.

If you would like to learn how breast reduction can improve your appearance and self confidence, contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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