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Breast Reconstruction

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When a woman loses a breast – due to disease, an accident, or any other reason – the results can be devastating. Many women feel a deep sense of loss that can lead to a decrease in confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, breast reconstruction surgery can not only repair the physical damage, it can also help patients recovery from the emotional trauma they have experienced as well.

However, it’s important to know that breast reconstruction is a complicated procedure. First, time is of the essence. To increase the likelihood of a successful outcome, the process should be started as soon as possible – ideally, immediately after the woman has lost, or has found out she will lose, her breast(s).

There are three general categories of breast reconstruction. What procedure – or combination of procedures -- used is largely determined on an individual basis.

Latissimus Flap Breast Reconstruction
The Latissimus Dorsi muscle is a muscle located next to your shoulder blade. The skin, tissue and muscle from this area are moved to the front of the body. This creates a flap – basically, a space – where an implant is inserted to create a new breast.

Tram Flap Breast Reconstruction
This is when tissue, skin, and muscle are moved from the abdominal area. It is very similar to the Latissimus Flap procedure, although the original location of the tissue is from the lower abdomen instead of the shoulder blade muscle.

Expander Reconstruction
This is a breast reconstruction procedure where a device is placed under the muscle in the area where the missing breast once was. The device stretches the skin – this takes about a month – until enough space is created so that a saline implant can be inserted.

Nipple Reconstruction
This is the creation of an artificial nipple. Some women – after undergoing a breast reconstruction – do not want nipple reconstruction. They simply want a breast in order to create a natural, outward appearance. Other women do not feel their reconstruction process is complete until they have a nipple reconstruction as well.

An artificial nipple is either created using skin from elsewhere on the body, or from the skin on the breast itself– often from the thigh or hip area. This skin is then appropriately shaped and sutured in place. Once the tissue for nipple is in place, color can be permanently added through micro-pigmentation. The new nipple does not have much sensation, but the overall look is often very natural.

The type of breast reconstruction method used is based on a combination of personal preferences and body type. A doctor can only make accurate recommendations after a physical examination. The Cosmetic Surgery Happiness offers free consultations so all of your options can be more thoroughly explained to you.

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