Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy

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Breasts just may be the most distinguishing feature on a woman's body. They can make you appear younger or older, depending on their shape and size, and they can bring the rest of your body’s features into more pleasing proportion. Breasts can enhance your appearance and overall femininity more readily than any other single body feature.

For these and other reasons, many women are unhappy with something about their breasts. They may think they're too small, too large, too saggy or droopy, or some other imperfection that makes them feel less self-assured, less motivated, and less attractive.

Breast Augmentation

Breast implant surgery (Augmentation Mammaplasty) is a very popular procedure for women who want to change the size and shape of their breasts. The final outcome of the breasts after implant placement is mainly determined by the relationship of the implants to the pectoralis muscles of the chest wall. Breast implants are referred to as "overs" and "unders"; these terms refer to whether the implant is being placed over or under the pectoralis muscles of the chest wall.

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Breast implants are devices, which may be filled with elastic silicone gel or saline solution. For the past ten years, there have been studies conducted to determine whether silicone gel-filled implants are associated with cancer or connective tissue disease; at this time, there is no evidence that breast implants are associated with these diseases.

The "Under" Approach

With the "under" approach, the implants are totally behind the breasts. The advantages of this approach are ease of placement, there is no implant visibility, no rippling of the implant surface, low mammography interference, and no scars left on the breast. Within a few days after surgery, you should feel well enough to return to work, depending on what type of job you have.

The "Over" Approach

In the "over" approach, the implants are actually inside the breast. Some of the advantages of this approach are the surgery is fairly easy to perform and can be accomplished by almost any surgeon; there is less post-operative discomfort; and this procedure allows for the insertion of oversize implants, which some women want.

There are many reasons women consult a cosmetic surgeon to discuss breast implant surgery:

  • To restore breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy
  • To achieve better symmetry in shape/size of the breasts
  • To improve the shape of sagging breasts
  • To provide the foundation of breast contour after a mastectomy for breast cancer
  • To improve appearance or create the appearance of a breast that is disfigured or missing due to heredity, congenital deformities, or trauma
  • Feels breasts are too small
Breast Feeding and Augmentation

Breast-feeding ability is not altered by implants. Many women ask about the effect of future pregnancy on augmented breasts. In most cases, implants will not affect the fate of your postpartum breasts. Here is why: following pregnancy (and breast feeding), your breasts will shrink to their pre-pregnancy size (or there about). During this process of shrinking, your breast skin may either tighten or not tighten. If it tightens, you will most likely not have breast droop. If it does not tighten, then your breasts will unfortunately droop. Whether or not the skin tightens has little or nothing to do with the presence or absence of implants.

As the body prepares to nurture a child, milk glands in the breasts swell and replace fatty tissue. After childbirth, these glands shrink. What's left is a skin "envelope" with little to fill it. This causes the breasts to look less full or sag. Plastic surgery offers safe, natural-looking implants that return your breasts to their youthful contour. 

Dr. Moore can perform breast augmentation on an outpatient basis in their Murray, Utah office, with either local or general anesthetic.  Please contact Dr. Moore today to schedule your initial consultation.

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