Facial Plastic Surgery - Cheek / Chin Implants

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Cheek and chin implants are implants placed under your skin, in either your cheek or chin. They are used to correct a “weak chin” and/or sunken cheeks.

The facial plastic surgery procedure involves incisions, through which Softform implants are inserted. The implants are precision-molded, synthetic devices which add fullness to otherwise weak facial areas.

Before the procedure begins, your doctor will help you determine what size and shape of implant will best augment your pre-existing facial structure.

After the implant is inserted through the incision, you can expect a few weeks of minor soreness and swelling.

The end result is a fuller, more solid chin and/or cheek. This can improve the overall contours of your face, resulting in a stronger, younger appearance.

The best way to determine if facial plastic surgery of any kind is appropriate for you is to contact us and schedule a consultation.

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