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Facial Enhancement FAQ

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What is Facial Plastic Surgery and Enhancement?
There are two main categories – procedures that smooth the skin, and procedures that re-align and/or alter specific facial features.

What is the process like?

For procedures that smooth the skin, typically a chemical or filler of some sort is injected into the face. For procedures that involve the adjustment of facial features, typically an incision is made and features are adjusted using surgical techniques and implants.

Is there scarring?
In most cases, there is absolutely no scarring whatsoever. In some procedures – notably face lifts and eyelid surgery – great care is taken to place scars in hidden areas, such as creases, skin folds, and inside the hairline.

What is the recovery process like?

Most patients take about a week off from work and social activities, because their face will be swollen and partially covered in bandages.

What results can I expect?
The goal of all facial enhancement procedures is smoother skin and more balanced facial features.

Are there dangers?
All surgical procedures contain inherent risks. However, most facial plastic surgery and enhancement procedures only require incisions that are very small, if any are needed at all. Most facial plastic surgery procedures are done on an out-patient basis under local anesthetic.

Is BOTOX® dangerous?
No. BOTOX® is, technically, derived from a toxic chemical. However, the amount used is so minute that it poses no real risk. BOTOX® has been used safely for over 15 years, and Dr. Moore has complete confidence in its application.

Dr. Moore is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and he insists on the highest standards of excellence.

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