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A face lift is an excellent choice for most patients who wish to look younger. Also known as a rhytidecotmy, a face lift is a very common procedure where the facial skin is tightened and smoothed. The face lift procedure helps eliminate sagging or loose facial skin, and may diminish some of the wrinkles on the face

Incisions are made above the hairline – near the temple. These incisions extend down around the ears. Through these incisions, excess fat is removed. Then the underlying muscles and tissues are tightened. When the procedure is finished, you’ll have smoother, tighter skin, and virtually undetectable scarring.

The most common candidates for face lifts are men or a women between the ages of 40 and 80; the typical age range in which the facial skin begins to wrinkle and sag. Although some patients have more than one face lift over the course of their life – the overall goal is always to achieve as natural a look as possible.

Another type of procedure we perform is an alteration to your existing face lift. This is used if you have had a face lift, which turned out to not have satisfactory results, or if you’ve had a face lift which has started to lose its results due to aging. At Cosmetic Surgery Happiness, we’ll customize your face lift and make recommendations according to your face lift goals.

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At Cosmetic Surgery Happiness, we have been performing face lifts and facial rejuvenation procedures for over a decade. If you have wrinkled or sagging skin – and want to correct it – please contact us today. We’re centrally located in the Salt Lake Valley.

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