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Breast Implant Placement and Scarring

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In breast implant surgery, you can choose where you'd prefer to have the incisions. In most cases, your decision will be based on the best anatomical placement of the incision, which depends partly on your build. Dr. Moore  will work with you on this.

He believes that of all the incisions possible for breast implants, the best incisions that provide the most reproducible results are:

  • Inframammary - in the crease below the breast
  • Peri-areolar - around the outer margin of the nipple
  • Axillary - in the armpit

Breast Implant Placement

Over the muscle or under it? That's the issue, and the muscle referred to is the pectoralis muscle, the “pecs”. It's attached to the chest wall only around the edges, so that a space can be made beneath it for a breast implant. There's no best answer for placement; each of us is different and we'll customize the procedure for you.

There are 2 possible ways to position the breast implant:

  • Subglandular - beneath the breast tissue andabove (in front of) the pectoral muscle
  • Submuscular - beneath the pectoralis muscle.
    Athletes, body builders and others with low body fat often have only a thin layer of fat beneath the skin. That makes the submuscular placement a better choice for them, as the implant is positioned under the fascia as well.

Advantages and disadvantages

Submuscular breast implants don't usually interfere with mammograms, but do tell your mammogram technician that you have breast implants.

Most doctors believe that submuscular placement appears more natural, because the outline of the implant is less visible. This is most important in thinner women.

In these positions also, the breast implants may be:

  • Less apparent to touch and
  • Less prone to capsular contracture, which is a thickening and hardening of the fibrous layer that forms around the implants, squeezing them and causing discomfort or pain

Sometimes a breast implant can be pushed out of place, either during healing or over time, because of natural muscle movement or activity. This happens generally when there is a loss of cleavage due to the implants being too far apart.

A related problem is distortion of the breast with flexion of the pectoral muscle. The distortion is generally not seen when the muscle is at rest.

Subglandular implants are most likely to sag over time, because they lack support at their lower ends

The final placement decision can be made after your consultation with either Dr. Haupt or Dr. Moore, when your lifestyle and anatomical characteristics have been evaluated and all your concerns discussed.


Keep in mind that scars fade slowly. So it could be as long as a year before your final tiny scar is finished healing.

In the inframammary procedure:

  • The incision is one to two inches long
  • It's made in the fold under the breast
  • It forms a minimally noticeable scar, since the crease hides it

In the periareolaprocedure:

  • The incision is made in the outer margin of areola (dark skin around the nipple)
  • The scar will be tiny and most likely the least noticeable of all incisions, since it's hidden by the change in color and texture of the skin at the areola
  • This may not be a good choice if you have extra small areolas, because although the breast implant is inserted empty and rolled up like a cigar, the incision still must accommodate its diameter

In the axillary procedure:

  • The incision is made in a natural fold in the armpit
  • The resulting scar will be tiny and barely visible
  • There are no scars at all on the breasts
  • This may be temporarily more uncomfortable since it might interfere with your arm movement for several days
  • The breast implants are not warranteed by the manufacturer
  • The procedure takes over 2 hours in the best of hands

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