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Male breast reductions – also called gynecomastia reduction – is rarely talked about, but fairly common. Many men have large, breast-shaped tissue on their chest. It can be an embarrassing problem, but removing the tissue is actually a fairly straightforward procedure.

There are many reasons why men develop breasts. The most common causes are obesity and genetics – although in many cases the cause is simply unknown. Before male breast reduction surgery is performed, we ask that the underlying cause – if identifiable - be alleviated first, i.e., through drug cessation, weight loss, etc. If that does not reduce the breasts, surgery can then be performed.

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An incision is made in an inconspicuous area, such as through the armpit or areola. Then the excessive tissue is removed. In most cases, this involves liposuction. Although in more severe cases, excess skin is also removed. More information on specific Surgical Methods.

The end result is a flatter, more contoured chest. Most breast reduction patients experience soreness for a few weeks. Patients are instructed to stay away from any activity that might result in stress or trauma to the chest for at least four weeks. A compression vest is also usually required for a few weeks.

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