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Testimonials - Breast Augmentation

Serving Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas

Dr. Moore is excellent at his work, and as a result, he has many satisfied customers. Here are a few of the testimonials we have received over the years.

Dr Moore

I just wanted to write and tell Dr. Moore and his staff, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND MORE THANK YOU. You have changed my life. I am a weight lifter and I work out all the time. I have been trying since I had my four kids to lose weight and get the body I deserve but no matter how perfect I was at eating( and trust me I am perfect at eating) and exercising, I couldn't get anything off my tummy. It was a big glob of extra skin. I called Dr. Moore because a friend of mine referred me and it was the best move I ever made. He was able to remove the extra skin and give me an amazing flat tummy that I had not seen in 16 years. The people at his office and Dr. Moore took very good care of me. They were very kind, patient and informative. Dr. Moore made sure that all my questions and concerns were answered. I have a lot more confidence now and I feel great!!!! I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Moore and his staff.

(A very HAPPY customer)

I just wanted to send a quick note before I see you in a month.
Just in the past week I have been able to watch the pounds melt away after surgery. I finally feel comfortable in my own body, something I have never felt, even as a child. You have given me freedom from depression and constant obsession over my appearance, and a future that will enable me to confidently participate in the activities my family enjoys.
Living in Oregon, we wakeboard 8-9 months out of the year, now I can wear the wet suits, bikinis and all the cute summer clothes without feeling self conscious. I recently completed my graduate program and feel confident that I will be able to aggressively pursue my career goals without being held back by the constant worry over my external appearance.
There is not a word in the English dictionary that adequately describes my gratitude for your excellent skills. I have referred you to so many of my friends and family I am sure you will begin seeing a number of Oregon patients soon! Cindy and the rest of your staff in SLC were so kind and supportive. I have never felt so comfortable with such a large decision. I look forward to seeing you in March and once again, thank you.


I just want to thank you for making me feel complete its not just my body that has changed but also my self-confidence. Everyday I wake up with a smile knowing I made the right decision. Everyone on your staff was extremely nice and a big thank you especially for Cindy. You guys made me feel like I was your number one priority. Thank you.


After losing 125 lbs., I was left with a lot of loose and unattractive skin and my breasts were almost non existent.(less than an A cup) I had two plastic surgery procedures and each one went extremely well. The recovery was much easier than I had anticipated. I am so thrilled with the results! I have young looking and perky breasts again.(C cup) My abdomen is flat and my thighs are slimmer now than when I was in my twenties. This surgery is the best gift that I have ever given myself and I would have no reservations about doing it all over again. I would highly recommend Dr. Moore for any cosmetic procedure. He's not only a highly skilled physician, but very personable too. I have felt completely comfortable with Dr. Moore and his staff.


In September of 2006, I had a breast augmentation by Dr. Moore. I searched for 2 years for the best surgeon in Idaho, and came upon his name on the internet. I had a consultation and instantly knew he was the best qualified and earned my trust also. The information and what was best for me was deeply analyzed. It was a very comforting feeling knowing what was to take place. Today, I am very satisfied with the results and feel much more confident. Dr. Moore and his staff are highly recommended by me for anyone who is considering making a transforming change in their life for themself. It is well worth the procedure!


I cannot express the gratitude I have for Dr. Moore.  It has been 6 months since my breast augmentation and I feel fabulous.  Aside from the fact that my husband loves my new look and has a hard time keeping his hands to himself every time I walk by (which I love and makes me feel beautiful).  I have an increased self esteem because I look like a women instead of a 10 year old girl.  I can wear the shirts that I like with out an extra padded bra underneath just to make the shirt fit.  I realized that I was ready to have surgery when I walked into a Victoria’s Secret and asked the sales lady where the bra was with the most padding. 

After my surgery I came out of Victoria’s Secret with “normal” bras and a huge sense of self worth.  Now when I feel someone’s eyes on me at the grocery store or in a crowds I don’t feel like they are looking at me with sympathy or disgust, instead I feel like I get looks like any other women would and that makes me feel great!

Thank you Dr. Moore


What can I say other than a 100% transformation.  I look and feel wonderful. 
My self respect, my self demeanor and my appearance have changed drastically.  I did not find myself appealing to the public eye.  BOY HAS THAT CHANGED!!!!
My husband loves the new me, it has made such a difference in my sex life, and the man cannot keep his hands off of me. I finally have a bra that fits me perfectly, no gaps here, sister!  I just hated that puckering that I usually had to fill out a 34A bra; I am now a 34C. My clothes fit better on me, prior to my surgery I had nothing, I always wore jackets or loose fitting shirts, because I was so ashamed of the small breasts that I had, NOW I wear form fitting tops and LOVE IT! Again, thanks for everything, the staff was amazing and Dr. Moore was the best!  I would recommend him, when getting any type of plastic surgery.



Dr Moore has earned the trust and respect of me and family.  We have benefited from his skill and professionalism in both cosmetic and clinical procedures, he has provided services ranging from botox, and laser treatments to the removal of cancerous tumors with virtually no visible scars.  His compassion and concern for each patient makes it easy for us to recommend him, and grateful that we found him.   Dr. Moore is a valuable asset to our community and we recommend him highly without reservation.

Dr and Mrs. Cardinal

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