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Thigh lift surgery is a procedure that eliminates wrinkles, sagging skin and cellulite in the inner and outer thigh. It is a safe, common procedure.

Candidates for the thigh lift procedure have loose, flabby skin on either their inner or outer thigh. The most common cause of loose skin is excessive weight loss – although other common causes are pregnancy and aging.

During the thigh lift procedure, an incision is made in the groin crease. The thigh skin is then pulled back and tightened before the incision is closed. The end result is firm, tight skin – and, because the incision is in the groin crease, scarring is very difficult to detect.

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Thigh lift surgery removes a small amount of fat from the thighs. The thigh lift procedure is usually combined with liposuction to the same area to remove excess fat.

Most patients are very happy with the results of a thigh lift. Their new thighs are firmer and younger looking. If you’re unhappy with your thighs, contact us for a consultation.

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